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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Pinot & Grigio

I can't believe it's been 19 years since I gave birth to the twins! It seem like only yesterday they slept away their days, cried throughout the night and chowed down every three hours. Right. That was just yesterday.

They were born five weeks early in a small hospital in the south, where birthing twins was a big deal. I had spent my last three weeks there, trying to ward off an even earlier birth. The hospital didn't have a ward or specialized staff for women in early labor, as they do now, so they had me stay in the labor and delivery ward. For three weeks, I laid in bed listening to the moans and screams coming from the other labor rooms. Ya think the hospital would mail their invoices.

I counted at least a dozen people in our room during the delivery. Each boy had his own nurse, plus there was my doctor, my nurse, a pediatrician, the anesthesiologist, a few nurses from another floor, the aide who brought me breakfast every day and I think I spotted a couple of the construction workers who were remodeling the labor and delivery wing.

Those guys became my new best friends. They'd come in every morning, pass the room and wave hello. On their way out, they'd wave again and I'd holler, "See ya in the morning." After about ten days watching other women go in and come out within a day while I stayed behind, the foreman finally approached the charge nurse and asked, "Can't you put that woman out of her misery and take the kid?" I wish he was around to say that now.

Seriously, my little grapes have brought me nothing but bunches of joy!


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