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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kitchen Remodeling Begins

They come tomorrow tear out all my cabinets, appliances and counter tops. They say everything will be back in order in two weeks. Considering I won't be able to cook until they counter tops are installed, I'm all for dragging this out a few months.

Yesterday I cleaned out my cabinets. We have one over the double oven where we store our liquor. Not that we have much of the hard stuff, we both like our wine. I threw out the bottle of Greek rotgut, er, wine that was given to me at a company Christmas party in 1993. I'm hanging on to the Peppermint Schnapps and maybe the Creme de Banana. My sister bought the Creme a couple of years ago when she was visiting and whipped up Bananas Foster. That's the only time it's been used but I just noticed it measures 15% alcohol, or 30 proof. Pretty tough stuff.

The cabinet is deep, which I can barely reach even with a stepstool so stuff sorta got tossed to the back and forgotten about. That includes six corkscrews I didn't know I had, a dozen corks or so, two University of Florida shot glasses, two containers of margarita salt, and dozens of kiddie birthday candles and party decorations. Oh, yeah, lots of glueI don't remember getting any complaints from parents but from the look of that cabinets the boys birthday parties must have been the talk of Learning Tree pre-school. Chugging games, see who can open the bottle of wine the quickest, glue together the corks into a animal shape, banana splits and Greek lessons...


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