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Monday, January 12, 2009

Forgive Me Father Pinot, For I Have Sinned

I was getting ready to attend the 5:30 teen Mass last night when Pinot asked, "Is that what you're wearing to church?"

This, coming from a kid who looked like he just rolled out of bed. Right. He did just roll out of bed.

One more week and it's back to school for Pinot & Grigio. Who's counting?


At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Midlife Slices said...

I was heading out the door to take Sullen Teenager to the gymnasium to practice with his friends on Sunday night and had on a tee shirt and sweat pants and he said "Uhmm, you might want to change."

What? I'm going to walk at the gym while he plays ball and he thinks I need to wear something better than my most favorite tee shirt??

kids!! grrrrrrrrr......


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