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Friday, December 05, 2008

Whining About Christmas Gifts?

You had planned to give out fruit cakes but they all defrosted around day 4 of post-hurricane Ike. Or was it day 6? Maybe day 15. Those things are indestructible.

You had planned to use your Christmas bonus to buy presents but decided to buy a generator, only to discover you had enough for a battery-operated fan. Without the batteries.

You had gotten accustomed to your family room not smelling like a Texans locker room after an early September game played with the roof open because your teenage boys were away at college and now learn they’re due home for a FORTY-DAY break.

Don’t Whine – Give Wine!!

I’ll make it easy for you – just visit my wino website and select from limited-edition, artisan wines from small wineries in California. I signed up to be an independent wine consultant (since I have soooo much experience) several months ago and, although I’ve yet to schedule an in-home wine tasting event, I have at least taken care of people on my Christmas shopping list. You can buy as little as one bottle or by the case (with personalized labels, if you wish). There are a few neat wine accessories and glassware, too.

Enjoy your holiday shopping: Pour a glass of Cabernet and click away. Heck, order a few bottles for yourself. I did. A bottle for my sister, a bottle for me; a bottle for my brother, another for me…

Merry Christmas,


P.S. This was an unpaid non-political endorsement of which I approve. Feel free to forward to your friends and colleagues.


At 2:15 PM, Anonymous Amiga Molly said...

That IS a neat website! If you already have the wine and just need the labels to make it a custom gift, I can't recommend www.BottleYourBrand.com highly enough. They're fantastic and my husband and I use them every year for our Christmas gifts. Their pricing is great too. Just a tip from one wine-lover to another :)


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