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Friday, February 01, 2013

Contessa for Hire!

Here's info regarding my alter-ego's shameless attempts to exploit our relationship, and having the nerve to call it entertainment. Whatever. She is kinda funny, though. Maybe you SHOULD let her entertain at your next event. 

Danielle Schaaf is a warm and engaging speaker who works with businesses and organizations to customize and personalize presentations. Give her the message and she’ll deliver the comedy. Ideal for stress relief, morale boosting or just having a good time. Want more fun? Book one of her interactive Contessa Uncorked! comedy shows.

Sales Meetings * Volunteer Celebrations *Conventions/Trade Shows*Galas*
Fundraisers * Emcee/Master of Ceremonies * Roast/Toast *
*Holiday/Themed Parties* Special Events

Danielle, a public relations consultant for more than 20 years, is also a published
author and humorist. She co-authored the book, Don’t Chew Jesus! A Collection of Memorable Nun Stories, which has been adapted for the stage by the co-creator of Late Nite Catechism. She writes a humor column and a series of comedy acts surrounding the antics of her alter-ego, The Haute Flash Contessa.

The Haute Flash Contessa is a forget-about-work-I’d-rather-be-sipping-wine bon vivant. She’s a bit sarcastic, a lot snarky and seldom leaves home without her corkscrew. Contessa never loses sight of what’s important in her life: family, sense of humor and the truth that there’s always a Wine O’Clock somewhere. Whether it’s discussing her husband’s “weekenders” underwear, teaching teen drivers road rage etiquette or demonstrating the latest minivan seat-dancing moves to her daughter’s principal, no topic is sacred.

Send me a message, and I'll get her in touch with you.

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